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Scholarships for BE / BTech / MBBS students

August 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Prelude: Thanks to technology, our kind is saved from reinventing the same wheel. We can now focus on our niche area of expertise and collaborate with other NE/Assam centric organizations to achieve our larger goals. Our second global Skype meet was yet another milestone and although supporting NE Career Guidance in their programs held centre-stage, the overall agenda remained bringing all key players and like minded people to network and synergize our efforts. Besides our org, FASS and NE Career Guidance, the new members at the table (whom we haven’t met before) included representatives from, Assam Foundation of North America (AFNA), Xongsthapan and Satya’s

Happy to promote the Scholarship schemes AFNA is facilitating  for   BE / B Tech and MBBS students…

Apart from AFNA’s own Support a Child programme, that provides $100 per year scholarships, primarily to school going kids with economic disabilities, the organization is  working with other organizations for scholarships in higher education:

         i. Foundation For Excellence ( scholarships for students joining BE/B Tech or MBBS course in 2010 of $500 per year. Click here for more details.

Please contact:, (Suresh R Goduka from Jeevan magazine is the coordinator in Assam)

Application deadline: Sep 30, 2010.

         ii. North South Foundation Scholarships for college going students

Please contact:, (coordinator in Assam)

Please spread the news and help some really needy avail this opportunity.

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