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Have you contributed to Friends yet?

October 24, 2010 Leave a comment

For a magazine that connects the residents of the North East India with its non-residential cousins, I say, the name could not have been more apt! Published by FASS and sponsored by Assam Foundation of North America (AFNA), Friends is a yearly English magazine that is published out of Assam but has a readership across the globe. And if I may, Friends is much awaited amongst the “friends of Assam and the North East” fraternity and that includes yours truly. More so, because Xomidhan has been closely associated with its editorial.   

Friends is ready to roll its next issue and while you are most welcome to contribute inspirational articles, the reason why I bring up Friends today is…this time the magazine plans to showcase few passionate people who want to contribute meaningfully to North East India. And we could think no further than Xomidhan’s gargantuan pool of 100+ counsellors who have continuously proved their alliance to ‘the cause’ by going to great lengths to answer the student queries.

Hereby, I request every Counsellor of Xomidhan to avail this great opportunity and share the following details from your bio data:

1. Your name; place of origin; educational qualification

2. Current place of work and designation; area of expertise

3. Current responsibilities and achievements

4. Turning points in your life

5. Your message to the students and youths of North East

6. Interesting incidents / projects related to your work or education

On behalf of Friends, we would request you to send in your responses by the end of October or earlier to (Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman, a PhD student of JNU is assisting in editing) with a CC to

To know more about Friends, the kind of articles you can write for them, please click here.

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