Nakul Alaka Dutta (NAD) Scholarship for Girls in Science

The recipient of ScholarAssist Nakul Alaka Dutta scholarship for the year 2020 is Nayeema Firdous Barbhuiya

Scholarship Description

This scholarship provides a sum of Rs. 5000 and a certificate to the highest female scorer in the AHSEC examination every year.

Eligibility Conditions

a. The highest scorer among female candidates in AHSEC science exam.

b. If more than one candidate has the highest score then preference will be given to students with respect to marks of physics and chemistry in that order.

c. There will be only one prize every year. If more than one student is eligible then the prize will be divided equally.

d. Scholarship Amount: Rs. 5000 and a certificate.

About the donor:

Alaka Baishya Dutta is a retired teacher with over 35 years of working experience. Alaka Baishya Dutta is a graduate from Handique College and was the founder teacher of Sri Krishna Seva Ashram Prathamik Vidyalaya, Lokhra, where she worked tirelessly for 9 years before withdrawing her first salary in 1995. All this time she was ably supported by her husband Nakul Chandra Dutta, a retired government official.

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