DUs simplified admission procedure

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Blog contributed by Anshuman Dutta

This year, Delhi University (DU) is all set to simplify the admission process. In fact, some of these changes can turn out to be a breather for students who are aspiring to be part of the university.

To start with, the university has decided to announce their first cut-off list for undergraduate admissions on June 15, which is exactly one week before it came out last year. The next four cut-off lists will be released on June 21, June 27, July 2 and July 8 respectively. With an extra week in hand, aspiring candidates will get more time to choose a college or course of their preference.

Said RC Sharma, examination dean, Delhi University, “The first cut-off list is being announced one week in advance so that deserving candidates do not miss out on their admissions, now that the system of pre-admission forms has been done away with.”

Some extra time is not only good news for students but for the college faculty as well who handle the admission process. “The one-week timeline will make it easier for teachers to manage the paperwork between the cut-off lists,” added Sharma. Earlier, between the two cutoff lists, students used to get only three days to complete their
admission process. But, now they will get four days for admission and
payment of fees.

Another major change that undergraduate students applying to DU can look forward to is the switch from the annual to the semester mode. Till last year, only the 13 science courses were being taught in the semester mode. But after much debate and deliberation, most of the courses are expected to switch over to the semester mode this academic session onwards.

JM Khurana, dean, student’s welfare, Delhi University, stressed, “The new semester system has been finalised and students willing to take admission in the UG courses in DU should come prepared to study in the semester mode. It will be a lot of hard work and they should be ready for it. With the annual mode becoming non-existent, no exams will be held in the month of April. So students cannot be at ease preparing
just two months before the exam. They have to be on their toes every
six months.”

Pointing out the advantages of the semester system, Khurana added, “Students should not be intimidated by the semester system as it will be beneficial for them. The one-year course module has now been divided into two halves. Therefore, in one semester they just have to learn about 40% of the total course. The remaining portion will be covered in the second half. This way, students will be regularly

According to Bani Malhotra, a first year BA psychology student from Lady Shri Ram (LSR) College, the semester system would confine students a bit and they might find it difficult to explore other co-curricular activities. So, she added, “Students should come well-prepared to manage their time in order to focus better on their
studies and also not lose out on the fun part of a university life.”

Besides, in another significant change, the ‘Open Days’ or the interactive sessions — starting June 1 this year — which are conducted annually by the university, will be held for 10 days as opposed to the traditional five days.

The ‘Open Days’ are organised for the benefit of aspiring DU candidates who get a platform to clear their doubts with various university and college representatives.

Khurana added, “Apart from extending the number of days for ‘Open Days,’ all the information will be available online for students who miss these sessions.”

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We have decided to pack our blog off from here and host it at our own domain. The new URL is: http://xomidhan.org/blog

See you there!!!

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Articles voicing the Big Dam controversy in North East invited

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Here is a message from Mrinal Talukdar, Nanda Talukdar Foundation (a known name in the field of research based on Assamese literature), Guwahati, to the FASS mailer group that Xomidhan’s Counsellor community might find useful and want to contribute to.Sharing it for the benefit of our readers:

To document for posterity the raging debate over the Lower Subansiri Dam,  we are preparing a volume on the Big Dam controversy in North East.  We would like to accommodate at least two to three articles supporting the big dams.
Language and style are not barrier as our editorial team will take care of the same. But it should be supported with solid arguments. Please send the same by November 15th.
We would like to clarify again that we are lot looking articles opposing dams. There are plenty and all the big guns of Assam are anyway writing on that line for us. We want from these groups, specially the technocrats living away from Assam and who have expressed their sentiments in group mails, to write a long article(1500-2000) words backed by solid arguments.
We would love to hear and record their arguments for posterity. This is a golden opportunity and feel free express your opinion and send the write up to my mail  mrinal.talukdar@gmail.com  along with a photograph of you and  60 words about yourself.

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Have you contributed to Friends yet?

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For a magazine that connects the residents of the North East India with its non-residential cousins, I say, the name could not have been more apt! Published by FASS and sponsored by Assam Foundation of North America (AFNA), Friends is a yearly English magazine that is published out of Assam but has a readership across the globe. And if I may, Friends is much awaited amongst the “friends of Assam and the North East” fraternity and that includes yours truly. More so, because Xomidhan has been closely associated with its editorial.   

Friends is ready to roll its next issue and while you are most welcome to contribute inspirational articles, the reason why I bring up Friends today is…this time the magazine plans to showcase few passionate people who want to contribute meaningfully to North East India. And we could think no further than Xomidhan’s gargantuan pool of 100+ counsellors who have continuously proved their alliance to ‘the cause’ by going to great lengths to answer the student queries.

Hereby, I request every Counsellor of Xomidhan to avail this great opportunity and share the following details from your bio data:

1. Your name; place of origin; educational qualification

2. Current place of work and designation; area of expertise

3. Current responsibilities and achievements

4. Turning points in your life

5. Your message to the students and youths of North East

6. Interesting incidents / projects related to your work or education

On behalf of Friends, we would request you to send in your responses by the end of October or earlier to mirzalibra10@gmail.com (Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman, a PhD student of JNU is assisting in editing) with a CC to ankur_bora2000@yahoo.com.

To know more about Friends, the kind of articles you can write for them, please click here.

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Charles Wallace Scholarship for Indian nationals

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British Council announces the applications for the Charles Wallace Scholarship.

Charles Wallace India Trust
The Charles Wallace India Trust is an arts, heritage conservation and humanities scholarship fund. It supports talented Indians in the early or middle stage of their careers to spend focused time in the UK, helping to achieve their artistic, professional or academic ambitions.

The trust invites applications for the year 2011 – 2012 for the following:
·       Fully Funded Awards in the arts and heritage conservation.
·       Visiting Fellowships of 2-3 months duration, fully funded.
·       Grants towards the cost of Short Research or Professional visits and Scottish Universities International Summer School. These do not cover full costs.
·       Grants towards the cost of the penultimate or final year of Doctoral Study at a UK University.
Subject(s): The visual and performing arts, architectural and material conservation, museum studies and curator ship,
                   English studies, the Humanities, and journalism.
Duration: Dependent on award/scholarship undertaken (maximum of one year).
·       Indian Nationals, residing in India
·       Good written/speaking English skills
·       Have completed their first degree/diploma in the area of their specialisation clearly state what they want to
              do in the UK 
·       Should not to have received CWIT grant within the last 5 years
Age limit: 25-38 for most grants
                 For visiting fellowships and short research visits the upper age limit is 45 years
Method of Application: You can down load or obtain application forms from http://www.britishcouncil.org/india-scholarships-cwit.htm  and submit applications to the British Council for courses starting the following academic year.

The enclosures with the application form should include
1.      A complete portfolio
2.      A set of press clippings (if applicable)
3.      Two references from people who are familiar with your work
4.      Proof of educational qualification
5.      A curriculum vitae
Selection Procedure: Applicants for Fully Funded Awards who are short listed for interview will be invited to New Delhi for an interview by the Trust. The interview will be held in late February/ early March. Candidates will be informed 20 days before the interview. Results will be announced in April.
The deadline for applications is 16 November 2010.
For more information contact cwit@in.britishcouncol.org or visit www.britishcouncil.org.in/arts 

Source: Forwarded email

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Xobdo’s Essay Competition for students

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

‘শব্দ’-ৰচনা প্ৰতিযোগিতা-১

অন্তিম তাৰিখ: ৩০-নবেম্বৰ, ২০১০ চন৷

ভাষা: কেৱল অসমীয়া

  • শ্ৰেণী: পঞ্চম-মানলৈকে

বিষয়: কম্পিউটাৰ আৰু মই

শব্দ সংখ্যা: ১০০-১৫০

  • শ্ৰেণী: ষষ্ঠমানৰ পৰা দশম-মানলৈকে

বিষয়: ২০৫০চনৰ অসম

শব্দ সংখ্যা: ১০০০-১৫০০ শব্দ

  • শ্ৰেণী: একাদশ মানৰ পৰা স্নাতক মহলালৈকে৷

বিষয়: আমাৰ সমাজত তথ্য প্ৰযুক্তিৰ প্ৰভাৱ৷

শব্দ সংখ্যা: ২০০০-২৫০০ শব্দ

ৰচনাসমূহ স্পষ্টকৈ, প্ৰতিশাৰীৰ মাজত অন্ততঃ ১ চে.মি. ব্যৱধান ৰাখি

১) পৰাপক্ষত অসমীয়া ইউনিকোডত (Unicode) লিখি, অথবা

২) হাতে লিখা পৃষ্ঠা স্কেন কৰি, অথবা

৩) ৰামধেনু, শ্ৰীলিপি আদিত লিখা পৃষ্ঠা স্কেন কৰি

ই-পত্ৰ যোগে admin@xobdo.org, buljit@xobdo.org, biraj@xobdo.org লৈ অথবা তলৰ ঠিকনাত চিঠি হিচাপে পঠিয়ায় যেন-


ঘৰ নং ২০, অশোক পথ

বেলতলা, গুৱাহাটী-২৮



House No-20, Ashok Path

Beltola, Guwahati-28

Assam, India.

Here’s wishing all participants all the best!!!

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